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Muscle Builder Rx - Bodybuilding, Diet strength Training for muscle gain fat loss free ripped diet  - Home PageClick Image To Visit SiteFrom having his leg almost amputated… to stepping onto a bodybuilding stage just a short time later…

I went from skinny, scrawny, and almost LOSING my leg in a freak accident… to stepping on stage at an all-natural bodybuilding contest just a short time later. Right here on this webpage, you’ll learn the same workout and nutrition secrets I used to pack on pounds of lean, solid muscle and get my body fat levels down to single digits… all in just 12 short weeks!

From having my right leg almost cut in half because of a freak accident… I came back to leg press 700 lbs., squat 450 lbs. and win the Masters Mr. Michigan and Mr. Toledo Bodybuilding titles. But it didn’t stop there. Over the next few years, I had times where I got a bit lazy and packed on a little too much weight. So I just used my same exact information to melt off body fat FAST…

And as you can see from my pic right above, when I got a little too overweight, I was able to melt off fat. I Knew How to Get Ripped and Shredded Again… So no matter if you’re skinny and you want to gain muscle or you’ve packed on a little too much weight and you want to lose it… you can use what I’m about to show you. I want you to DROP what you’re doing in the gym now and do JUST the things I’m about to show you. Do that and you WILL gain muscle and lose fat in HALF the time! In fact, learning what I learned was the main reason I decided to become a N.F.P.T. Certified Trainer and Nutrition Consultant soon after my transformation. I knew I could help a lot of people transform their bodies.

I’ve since written articles that have been published in Reps Magazine, MuscleMag, on websites, and more. I teach the nutrition class at Stautzenberger College for the LPN students and the N.S.C.A. Certification Program. Since those dark, lonely days in my hospital bed, I’ve gone on to sell over 20,000 copies of my book by mail, I’ve personally trained hundreds of clients in my gym, and I’ve been running my online fitness and nutrition business for 9 years now. I… Read more…

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