Warrior Warm Up

Warrior Warm UpClick Image To Visit SiteAre you obsessed with becoming better? Are you always looking for that edge that will make you look better, feel better and perform better in and out of the gym?

Are you interested in discovering a simple to follow, done for you system that will teach you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to turn your typical pre-workout routine into a MASSIVE, result producing warm up to increase your strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination?

…You’re happy with your current level of strength, if you have all the flexibility you’ll ever need, if you can walk on your hands easily and have perfect balance or if you have a warm up you already use that is getting you awesome results. If this is you then read NO more because this system only works for people who seriously want to build super strength and flexibility in their spare time, not for people who are only mildly interested in becoming true physical specimens.

Hi, I’m Tyler Bramlett, I’m the guy in the pictures above and like many of you there was a time when I followed the mainstream fitness philosophy of doing some basic stretching followed by some simple cardio before you touch the weights to make sure your body is prepared and warmed up for your workout ahead. The only problem is I never saw any gains in my flexibility, I wasn’t becoming stronger and I certainly wasn’t moving any better. The bottom line is, the old way of warming up for your workouts SUCKS! There is a better way.

As the years went on I had the privilege of training with some of the top performance experts in the fitness industry. I have literally spent over $20,000 to learn the secrets that these people know that allows their athletes to become not only strong and powerful but also to build and maintain their flexibility, balance and coordination which makes them not only perform better but less likely to get injured. I took these secrets and began applying them to my training and within a few months people were amazed at what I was capable of doing.

This made me realize that there was a good amount of strong people out there and a good amount of flexible people out there but very few people who were both strong and flexible… Read more…

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